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Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a technological process of removing various impurities from the different surfaces by using the abrasive.Shot blasting is surafce protection and also prior-preparation of surface prior to further processing such as welding ,coloring etcThe final result of cleaned surface deepends on a several factors ,mass of the abrasive particle,particle velocity,the impactor angle of the particle,the particle shape density and coverage of the strokes kg/m2 .It is used in different industries such as automatic industry,metal-manufacturing industry, foundry, aviation industry, shipbuilding, production of various welded structures and also in production of various tanks, silos, pipelines, chassis, etc.

The main difference is that in the shot blasting process we use throwing wheel and in sand blasting process compressed air is used.

Shot blasting: abrasive gets acceleration through the throwing wheel, which is rapidly turning in a special steel housing, with one side oriented opening. Shot blasting is used for blasting metal, different profiles and welded constructions.

Sand blasting: abrasive is dosed into the stream of compressed air and gets a real acceleration in the outflow from the blasting nozzle. Sand blasting is used in the chambers and cabins for hand blasting.