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Hvac System

HVAC Systems

our expertise in HVAC services allows us to provide valuable solutions such as installation of HVAC systems in commercial and Industrial 

we provide the following HVAC systems installation

  • Air Handling Units(AHU)
  • Fan Coil Units(FCU)
  • Chillers
  • Chiiled water pumps and its associated chilled water piping,valves,fittings and accessories

heating,ventilating and Air-conditioning systems 

  • Installation of return ceiling diffusers,slot diffusers and grilles
  • Exhaust fans and exhaust systems 
  • Duct system: supply and Return and exhaust air duct and duct accessories ,manual and motorized dampers ,smoke and fire dampers,volume dampers,sound attenuators,sand trap louvers,exhaust louvers,plenum boxes and aluminium cladding for outdoor duct system


  • under ground RTR pressurized pre-insulated chilled water piping and above ground carbon black steel ERW chilled water piping,Air separator,Expansion tank and chemical feeder tank,auto air vents and accessories 
  • 3 way motorized valves ,gate valves,double regulate valves,check valves,strainer,temperature gauges and pressure gauges etc
  • Duct wrap insulations,duct linear insulation and outdoor air duct to be water proofed by water proofing canvas