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Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting

SECO is dealing with the design ,installation,of the following systems 

  • Automatic Sprinkler System

Various  types of sprinkler systems for Industrial, commercial and residential buildings ,hotels,different types of storages including combined sprinkler and stand pipe risers including fire pump as per NFPA 13,14,20

The material used is cementitious with different densities ,epoxy intumescent and thin film intumescent paint 

  • Deluge and Pre-Action Systems

Deluge and pre-Action systems for extra hazard applications like fuel tanks ,transformers,paint and chemical storage,fuel storage etc,as per NFPA 13,15 etc

  • Foam Systems

Applications including class B flammable Liquids like fuel tanks,fuel rooms,fuel farm,generator area, heliport,aircraft hangers etc as per NFPA 11,16,418 etc


  • CO2 Fire Supression System 

Applications including class B flammable Liquids and class C Electrical hazards like electrical switch gear rooms,power house,transformer rooms, generator etc as per NFPA 12,Both high pressure and low pressure CO2 systems

  • Clean Agent Fire Supression system

Applications including computer Rooms,Control Rooms,Electrical Rooms etc as per NFPA 2001 clean agents include FM 200,Inert Gas etc

  • Fire Departement Connection

The Fire Departement Connection(FDC) also known as the siamese connection is an important component found on most sprinkler and standpipe systems.when a sprinkler system activates ,the fire departement connects hose lines from a pumper truck to the Fire departement connection.This connection  allows the fire departement to supplement the fire protection system in the event of a fire.

  • Fire Hydrant System 

The fire hydrant system is the backbone of the fire fighting systems in a building or premises. The system is a water distribution system consisting of water tank, suction piping, fire pumps and a distributed piping system. The distributed piping system establishes connectivity throughout the building through fire hydrants, hoses and nozzles. The purpose of the fire hydrant system is to provide a readily available source of water to any point throughout the building. This helps in controlling fire during an emergency.

  • Wet Type Fire Hydrant 

This type of fire hydrant is used in places where  there is no danger of vehicles accidents or freezing atmospheres better to be used in malls ,shopping centers,colleges,hospitals

  • Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

This type eliminates damage to the hydrant caused by freezing or corrosion of the upper part.Break away design to prevent accidents to the hydrants where only the upper part of the flange will be broken up on the impact.


we provide installation of Fire Hydrant system including under ground piping such as (Ductile iron,HDPE) as per NFPA 24

  • Fire Hose Reel Cabinet 

we provide the installation of Fire hose cabinet (all Types) with Fire Hose Reel and all associated accessories with piping  as per NFPA 14