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Fire Proofing

SECO fire proofing services cover the supply and application of fire proofing to structural steel members such as column beam and metal decking with various range and types of Fire proofing material for the structure to maintain the fire ratings as per the project specification.This ensure that we deliver the optimum protection for all steel structures and industrial equipment to protect against any possible fire related accidents  

The material used is cementitious with different densities ,epoxy intumescent and thin film intumescent paint 

  • Cables protected by fire resistance coating 
  • Coating prevent flame propagation and delay short circuit.it keeps a cable fire localized to its source.By preventing the flame spread along the cable insulation the coating reduces the aggressive vapours given by pvc ,so the current carrying capacity of the cable remains unchanged
  • Concerete 
  • Our fire proofing activities include sand blasting and priming of steel,cleaning of primed steel,insulation of mesh and reinforcement applications and clean up .

Following propriety cements are utilized by SECO in applications   

  • Pyrocrete

A light weight cementitious inorganic fire proofing Formulation single power mixed with potable water prior to application

  • Monokote 

A cementitious spray applied material,which simply requires the additiob of water on the job site to form a consistent pumpable starry

  • Fendolite M-II

Fendolite M-II is the industry’s leading High-density Wet Mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection for structural steel and concrete where physical abuse or high traffic may be anticipated.

Due to its Portland cement formulation, thermal performance and proven superior durability, and ease of application, Fendolite M-II is the preferred choice worldwide for use in the most challenging commercial and industrial applications.


  • Lightweight formulation results in reduced dead loads (approximately one third that of concrete
  • Easiest high density fire protection material to install.
  • Superior physical properties when evaluated to all major ASTM test methods to ensure durability.
  • Prevents concrete spalling under impact and thermal shock.
  • Inorganic material formulation does not promote mold or fungal growth.